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The nature of connectedness

It was my son, Ben, who first alerted my to the works of Temple Grandin, an autistic agricultural equipment designer who has …

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In the pocket of my dog-walking coat was a small Lego trumpet. I vaguely recall how it had got there: it had …

Choosing Wine

How to choose wine

For anyone that was confused about this complex subject, I’ve prepared a handy guide.

The Pit

This much I know. There exists a dark pit in all of us, the blackest of black places, deep enough to feel …


Making Big Big Bread

Some may have spotted that I have a thing about baking at the moment. As it happens, I also have a soft …


Happy New Year! And Baking.

What a very interesting year this has been. Without going into painstaking detail, it started with me wondering if I could really …

Another Morning

It starts just like the rest of them Clothing shrugged and bleary eyes Doubting Thomas, slippering awake Stops and stairs, not yet …