Rush – Chemistry

After a long delay, due to factors beyond anyone’s control, a paperback version of Rush-Chemistry in the works. Please note that this is not a full update, it still ends when it ends (at the end of the R30 tour in October 2004). All reported errors and typos should now be fixed, as listed here.

Rush – Chemistry is the complete history of the world’s favourite Canadian rock band. The book follows Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart from their schoolboy days right up to the global success of their thirty-year anniversary tour.

Rush Chemistry

Here’s the official text:

Against a background of disinterest from the media and a refusal to compromise their music, Rush’s success was by no means guaranteed. Since the beginning, only the determined efforts and downright stamina of the band members and those around them were sufficient to counter the wall of silence. Sharing a single-minded determination to take on the system and win, Geddy, Alex and Neil have never rested on their laurels. Pushing themselves to achieve technical excellence, never avoiding the challenge of taking on new musical influences, through huge changes of fashion and major personal tragedy, the entity we know as Rush has endured. Thirty years on, the band is still creating new music and packing arenas and stadiums around the globe.

Meticulously researched over three years, Chemistry draws on over 50 new interviews with those closest to the band. As the most detailed biography of Rush ever written, this book pulls together the threads and investigates the reasons that have enabled this band to succeed against the odds.

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