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Jon is an author, technology commentator and senior consultant at Inter Orbis, which researches the impact technology is having on business, society and culture. With over 20 years’ background in the technology industry, Jon has a deep understanding of the global technology infrastructures, architectures, security and governance models required, as well as hands-on experience of delivery in a variety of sectors. Jon is co-author of The Technology Garden, offering clear advice on sustainable IT delivery. He has written numerous papers and guides about getting the most out of technology, and is an accomplished speaker, facilitator and presenter.

In Jon’s varied career he has acted as IT manager and software consultant, project manager, training manager, IT security expert and industry analyst. In recognition of his insightful, yet down-to-earth approach, Jon was named European analyst of the year by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations in 2009. Jon was a founding partner of Delivery Cell One, an innovative public sector consulting firm, and was community director at Maven Cast, the hybrid events company behind Digital London.

He’s been in the industry 25 years, and tries to balance his love of new, shiny things with the reality that “plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose…”

Outside of technology Jon has authored several books about music including bands such as Marillion and Rush, both recognised pioneers in using the Web to interact with their audiences. He has acted as an ambassador for Action Aid, and is active at a local level as a secondary school governor and chairman of the village social club. Jon is currently writing two books about the impact of technology, and is researching a novel about the violinist, Paganini.


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  1. Dear Vinnie

    I am a developer switching to be Analyst.

    I am at the beginning of the way.
    I was wondering if you can help me being on the right way.

    What should I do to be A good Analyst?
    What books I am supposed to read? what courses should I take?…


    Nasser Ghanemzadeh

  2. Hi Nasser,

    Just to check – what kind of analyst are you looking to be, and where are you based? There are several good reads about being an industry analyst, and several others for the different kinds of IT and business analyst.

    All the best, Jon

  3. Hi
    I’m so sorry being late in response.
    in fact I want to be an IT business analyst. Spec. Commercial Open Source Businesses.
    I’m running a blog(in Persian) on which I’m writing about business and economics of FOSS.


  4. Jon

    Like you post on PoE. Are you aware that Extreme networks have already inplemented the ability to switch of IP end points via intelligent/dynamic scripting?

    It would be good to be able to get more information over to you on this.


    Giles Houston

  5. Jon,

    It’s come to my attention that you’re looking for Brendan McCarthy. He’s still working here at Gorilla Logic. Please contact me and I can put you in touch with him.

    Stu Stern

  6. Hi Mr Collins. I’m doing a BA dissertation on Rush, Iron Maiden and the impact of literature on heavy metal and rock. I was wondering if you would speak to me concerning Rush themselves? My email is above and fast communication is appreciated; I hand this in on Thursday!

    Many thanks,


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