The Bells

Here’s a snippet from Mike Oldfield’s Web site:

“Hello you !
It has surely been a time of big changes and realisations these last few months, not least of which has been the writing of my Autobiography. This is nearing completion with the help of my co writer Jon Collins and hopefully will be published this year if not early next. During the process of bringing this book to life I have realised a great many things about myself and my position in the scheme of things.( Oh for the gift of hindsight ! ) This will surely influence my future personally and creatively.
I have contractually three and a half more years to work on a new piece of music so this will give it a chance to evolve and mature nicely. Meanwhile look out for some promotion for the Platinum Collection , the book , and who knows what else
the fates may send . With all my best wishes : )”

It’s a cracking story, and I’m delighted to be involved.

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